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Workman Dennis

Full information about Workman Dennis — Kimberton, Kimberton, Pennsylvania 19442 Pennsylvania 19442

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Kimberton, Pennsylvania

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+1 610-917-1308

Insurance agency


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    Dennis Workman indicated that my plumbing was Pex plumbing on my home inspection report. After multiple leaks in my home I have come to find out that my plumbing is clearly not Pex plumbing rather polybutylene. Polybutylene plumbing is no longer sold due to its unreliability. In fact, the manufacturers of Polybutylene piping have had multiple class action lawsuits against them. However, all class actions are closed at this point. Polybutylene is Gray and Pex piping comes in red and blue. I would think this would be a very novice mistake but since Dennis Workman has been doing this for years I think this is a reflection of his work ethics and values. Dennis Workman has offered to "help with the pain," but he has never helped at all. I still continue to experience leaks and damages in addition to the loss of thousands in my home value. I would warn against urilizing his services.
    By Jaclyn Randolph, August 31, 2017
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